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Social Media Management & Engagement
Creation, administration and fulfillment of social messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Recraft press releases, city news and community events for optimized social media distribution. Constant monitoring and improvement of social media rankings, followers, engagement and reach. Annual record retention of Facebook and other social media profiles. Create social media best practices policy & handbook.

Emergency & Crisis Communications
Organize, prepare, handle and coach press conferences, execute and produce community & press advisories with city leadership, creation of pre-emergency press bullets and media training. On-site administration and consulting before, during and post event. Develop and administer employee, community and government communication plans. Act as media spokesperson and liaison.


Economic Development Promotion and Media Management
Develop and produce media kits and events designed to showcase with a unique focus on “sense of place.” Merge economic development plans with social networking, branding, media and community events. Prepare, managing and produce advertising, videos and web stories to promote successful messages about city highlights. Design, implement and build trade booth, materials and showcase platforms. Livestream of events with analytics for Facebook and YouTube


Community Engagement & Event Planning
Develop, produce, market and manage events designed to enhance a community’s unique history, culture and place in its region. Administer onsite project management with city staff, vendors and event centers. Develop marketing plan. Handle registration. Book guests and provide front/back onsite management during event. Create, administer sponsorships and recognition. Work with and develop relationship with community organizations to create collaborative buy-in. Livestream of events with analytics for Facebook and YouTube.


Governance & Government Relations
Handle government relations such as responses to PIR inquiries, grant applications, invitations and meeting preparations. Monitor legislation and prepare city leaders for Congressional testimonies at state and federal levels. Train council and employees on governance issues such as bylaws, advocacy, fiduciary responsibility and leadership. Prepare, execute and develop retreats, team building events, strategic planning sessions and workshops. Create, write, produce and update policy manuals. 



Media Training & Management
Write speeches for council and executive team. Prep council and administration for media interviews and community leadership events. Act as media spokesperson and liaison contact for television crews, reporters, bloggers, and filmmakers. Develop and execute media relations process for activating, responding and evaluating mainstream media or internet engagement. Train council, administration volunteers and employees on media procedures. Produce and execute press conference, launches and promotional media events, such as tours or receptions. Handle media list and update as needed.


Website Management
Create, manage and develop open and closed source websites with SEO management and mobile responsiveness. Create and monitor firewalls. Design template, write copy and take photographs. Create content management system and update or hand over. Prepare payment system, manage and develop registration systems, create and maintain special features and plug-ins. Report on website use, access and engagement.


Community Assessments and Feedback Loops
Develop and execute community engagement and feedback plans. Create surveys, polls, questionnaires that determine the status of public opinion of city services, image and effectiveness. Merge feedback loops with direct mail, social media, traditional media and website. Report findings to city executives and council then create performance measures based on responses.


City Stories
Write, research and produce city histories, newsletters and publications. Produce, write, research and publish community books, web stories and presentations. Produce city documentaries and economic development films. Create video community/city highlight reels and film success stories for different audiences. Redesign for social media, traditional media pitches, branding and internet use. Create and fulfill a city YouTube Channel. Livestream of events with analytics for Facebook and YouTube.


Business Communications
Create, design, print and distribute flyers, brochures, posters, white papers, event signage, business cards, PowerPoint presentations and informational publications.

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